U.G.L.I. is Beautiful

All of our products are designed to melt on contact with the skin for maximum absorption.

If you want a nutrient to pass through cellular walls it’s best achieved in liquid molecules form. But to provide topical nutrition, you can’t use long chain oily fatty acids and you can’t emulsify oily molecules with water ( if cells didn’t limit topical absorption of water we could never go swimming ) and this creates a problem.

All of our products fall into the classification of “U.G.L.I.” butter.


This cute laboratory acronym from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries stand for “Unsuitable – Gel Liquid Instability”.

If you want a product to be topically absorbed, it becomes “unsuitable” for traditional retail store marketing. The ability to melt on contact with the skin also means that it will melt in warm room temperature or in the back of a truck.

Without waxes or emulsification there’s no way to consistently know whether “ugli” butter will be in its solid or liquid state.

If you want a product to topically effective, however, the product can’t include waxes or be emulsified. Cells reject large molecules unless cut by enzymes within the liver or be coupled with other chemicals not available through topical application.

The only way to be effective is to be “U.G.L.I ” and that’s why we proudly market “ugli” butter.

We’d rather share re balance rx topical nutritives that work at the highest possible level than something that possibly sells easier but fails to produce results.

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